• Image of Indigo and silk necklaces
  • Image of Indigo and silk necklaces
  • Image of Indigo and silk necklaces

We are very excited to introduce our naturally dyed jewelry range. Our wooden beads are all dyed with botanical dyes and treated with flaxseed oil. The silk and cotton threads we use for our tassels have also been botanically dyed.
These necklaces are lightweight and confortable. No clasp (no getting your hair tangled in it!), they just slip over your head. The individual beads are appoximately 6mm wide and all the necklaces are approximately 29 inches long ( actual length of the string of beads) not including the tassel. The tassels are approximately 2 1/4in long. Please see details below.

From left to right on FIRST PHOTO:
1. Dark Indigoblue beads and Brazilwood dyed silk tassel tassel

2. Dark Indigo blue beads and Madder and Eucalyptus silk tassel

3. Dark Indigo blue beads and light Indigo blue silk tassel

Our necklaces can be treated as most other costume jewelry. Please avoid getting them wet and avoid long term direct exposure to sunlight. This does not mean that you can't wear your necklace on a sunny day, it just means avoid keeping it on a sunny windowsill for weeks. Some discoloration could occur if in contact with perfume with alcohol content.

All necklaces come packaged in recycled paper card jewelry boxes with naturally dyed fabric ribbon as illustrated on third photo.

Custom orders and stockist enquiries welcome.